• Editor of The Indexer (2018-present)

    7 January at 08:55 from atlas

    The Indexer is published on behalf of indexing societies worldwide.  It seeks to cover the full range of subjects, from ...

  • What Do Readers Expect from Book Indexes and How Do They Use Them? An Exploratory User Study

    28 August at 08:33 from atlas

    "What do readers expect from book indexes and how do they use them?  An exploratory user study" by Mary Coe (published in The ...

  • President, ANZSI NSW Branch (2013-15)

    4 December at 15:37 from atlas

  • Where is the Evidence? A Review of the Literature on the Usability of Book Indexes

    4 December at 15:27 from atlas

    "Where is the evidence? A review of the literature on the usability of book indexes" by Mary Coe (published in The Indexer, vol 32, no ...

  • Index It Right! Advice from the Experts (Volume 3)

    7 March at 12:29 from atlas

    Look for the chapter on 'Ebook Indexing" by Glenda Browne and Mary Coe in the third installment in ASI's popular "Index It Right" ...

  • Ebooks and elending

    11 September at 08:00 from atlas

    "Ebooks and elending" by Mary Coe (published in Online Currents, vol 27, no 4, August 2013) is now available in Downloads.

  • President, ANZSI NSW Branch (2013-14)

    11 September at 07:52 from atlas

    Click on the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers link on this page for information on ANZSI. 

  • 2013 ANZSI Conference

    13 February at 11:28 from atlas

    I will be at the 2013 ANZSI Conference in Wellington, New Zealand from 13-15 March.  Hope to see you there!  ...

  • Ebook Navigation: Browse, Search and Index

    10 December at 14:12 from atlas

    "Ebook Navigation: Browse, Search and Index" by Glenda Browne and Mary Coe (published in the Australian Library Journal, vol 61, no 4, ...

  • Tyranny of the Page

    7 March at 12:45 from atlas

    My latest article "The Tyranny of the Page" (published in The Indexer Vol. 30 No. 1 March 2012) is now available in Downloads.